‘Tara always makes me feel very supported. I have been able to explore difficult experiences in a safe space that was held with sensitivity and warmth.’   – Sue K.

‘Tara is amazing! She is incredibly perceptive, calm and always knows how to make everyone feel comfortable. She’s also lots of fun and makes some pretty awesome artwork herself! Highly recommended.’Claudia Lee

‘I went to Tara’s painting for wellbeing in pregnancy workshop during my second pregnancy as had a very bad birth with my first daughter, so was feeling tense about the birth. The workshop was a breath of fresh air, Tara was so warm and understanding and very calming, so she made the whole session into a very special experience. We made some lovely and meaningful pieces of art and I managed to express some feelings through that which were clearly hidden and unknown to me. I would strongly recommend this workshop to anyone that wants to take some time for themselves and the baby and spend a couple of hours reflecting on and enjoying what they are going through and also bonding with the little person inside of them.’ – J. Rudd

‘It was a pleasure to train and work with Tara at Tobias School of Art and Therapy. Tara is a warm, gentle, calm and supportive counsellor who holds a beautiful, nurturing, safe-space. She is creative in her approach and has experience of working with children, young people and adults. Tara is also an artist with remarkable talent and skill. I have witnessed Tara’s journey and strengths of becoming an Arts Counsellor and I am happy to recommend Tara as a Therapeutic Arts Counsellor. I wish her all the best in her new Arts Counselling practice in Lewes. Love and light.’Harpinder Bilku

‘I attended a painting for wellbeing in pregnancy workshop led by Tara in November 2014 when I was 8 months pregnant, and I thought the workshop was very professionally conducted and overall spiritually enlightening. It brought out an awareness and spiritual connection with my unborn baby daughter through creative medium. This helped me overcome some of the subconscious fears I had with pregnancy, and the many challenges that laid ahead with parenthood.’N. Harman

‘I studied with Tara at Tobias College of Art and Therapy and worked with Tara on a number of processes. I found Tara to be a balanced, warm, receptive human being who held the space for me beautifully without judgement. I found her manner calm, consistent and open. I am happy to recommend Tara as a therapeutic Arts Counsellor.’Joanne Alam

‘We did our training together and I am sure Tara is an amazing counsellor. I wish her the best of luck with the new place in Lewes.’Irén Kleiven